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L/S 100% DriFit Tee


Shown: Navy DriFit Tee

Material: 100% DriFit Polyester

Brand: A4, Hanes, or similar


*Important* If you are adding a custom name to this product.

*SELECT* Yes for "Add Custom Name?"

Enter customized name (double check spelling before submitting)

If you are customizing this product, you Must select "Yes" for Customized Name option. If you select "No" and enter a customized name, your custom name will not be printed. 

HANAPAA - L/S DriFit Tee

  • There are no returns/refunds/exchanges for wrongly ordered size, color, style, etc. However we will refund/exchange any item that is damaged significantly (this will be by our discretion, however we always strive for the best quality product, and this is unlikely to occur)

  • Because we have no control over the stock of certain sizes, brands, etc, we cannot guarantee sizing will be the same. A safe bet will be to order the same size of shirt that you wear.

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